Collinson Rocking Horses



Collinson Rocking Horse Sizes

Collinson rocking horses are to be found in a variety of sizes. Heights of the horse on the stand are traditionally measured (in inches, of course!) from the floor to the highest point. In the case of a Collinson, the highest point is the arch of the neck.

Popular Sizes

Medium sized horses of 38" or 40" are very widespread, as are large horses of 46" or 48".

Extra large horses of around 51" are not uncommon, but the monster 56" size is very unusual.

Here are some of the combinations of total height and stand length of rocking horses which have recently passed through the restoration workshops:

Height: 50” Stand Length: 59”
Height: 47” Stand Length: 56”
Height: 46” Stand Length: 54”
Height: 46” Stand Length: 55”
Height: 47” Stand Length: 54”
Height: 43” Stand Length: 53”
Height: 38” Stand Length: 50”
Height: 38” Stand Length: 48”
Height: 36” Stand Length: 44”
Height: 36” Stand Length: 41”
Height: 32” Stand Length: 39”

As you can see, there did not seem to be any hard and fast rules about these dimensions! Nor is there any firm evidence that these variations were related to the age of the horse.


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