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Collinson Rocking Horses - Other Rocking Horse Makers

J. Collinson was probably Britain's longest established rocking horse maker. Other notable makers include the following:

Of contemporary makers of traditional wooden rocking horses, Kensington Rocking Horses, probably makes the most appealing horses, which would stand comparison with the finest antique rocking horse makers of yesteryear, of whom F. H. Ayres rocking horses is widely considered to have been ahead of the rest.

It would be wrong to make too many comparisons between a leading maker of the past such as F. H. Ayres and today's makers because so much has changed in the meantime. It is natural to look back nostalgically and sentimentally at the past, but we perhaps we should be careful not to be too reverential when we think of a different era.

Some other notable names of older makers - no longer in production - would include:


G & J Lines

Lines Brothers Ltd (also Triang or Tri-ang)

J. R. Smith

Hill and Harrison

Baby Carriages Ltd (BCL Rambler Toys)

Patterson Edwards (Leeway)

W. Barker & Sons Ltd

Brassington & Cooke

Paul Leach


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