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Rocking Horse Restorers

Collinson rocking horse restoration and rocking horse repair is offered by our rocking horse restorers who serve most areas of the UK with a value-for-money collection and return service and provide Collinson rocking horse repairs in Liverpool, Shropshire, Devon, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Sussex, London, Warwickshire, Yorkshire, Essex, Kent, Wales and Scotland.

Collinsons are strong and robust horses and amongst the most suitable for enthusiastic and boisterous play by excitable and boisterous youngsters.


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Rocking Horse Restorer

If your horse is not a Collinson, but is another make and is in need of some tender loving care and attention, we we suggest Rocking Horse Revival's nationwide rocking horse restoration service, which also has good coverage across the UK, including:

Rocking Horse Restorers in London & South-East England

The Essex rocking horse restorer carries out renovation and refurbishment in London and the South-East to provide London rocking horse repairs and Kent rocking horse restoration.

The Hertfordshire rocking horse restorer covers restoration in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.

Rocking Horse Restoration in Yorkshire

Yorkshire rocking horse restoration is provided by JFD Rocking Horses, a Yorkshire rocking horse restorer. The area covered includes Sheffield and South Yorkshire as well as Leeds and West Yorkshire, Hull and East Yorkshire, Harrogate and by the North Yorkshire Teesside rocking horse restorer in Middlesbrough.

Nottingham Rocking Horses

Nottingham rocking horse restoration is a speciality of Nottingham Rocking Horses who serve the East Midlands and provide Derby rocking horse repairs for Derby and Derbyshire and Leicester rocking horse restoration for Leicester and Leicestershire rocking horses. The area covered by the Nottingham rocking horse restorer extends to Lincolnshire, Stoke and Staffordshire, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, the Black Country, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Rocking Horse Restoration in Scotland

The Scottish rocking horse restorers provide rocking horse repairs in various locations in Scotland. This includes a Glasgow rocking horse restorer and an Edinburgh rocking horse restorer.

Antique Rocking Horse Restoration

If you own a particular make of antique rocking horse, you may be interested in restoration services specialising in that maker, for example:
Ayres rocking horse restoration for F. H. Ayres rocking horses made by this renowned London rocking horse maker with one of the highest reputations for quality and detail. Often featured in antiques guides.

The repair, renovation or refurbishment is best undertaken by professional experts who not only have the know-how and expertise, but will also have ready access to supplies of the leather, horsehair, glass eyes, paints, varnishes and other accessories for this specialist work. In our experience, general antiques restorers have usually proved to be a poor choice and often been guilty of some rather unfortunate work, so please do ensure that you involve a proper rocking horse specialist.


For all enquiries, please e-mail: