Collinson Rocking Horses



Collinson Rocking Horses

Probably the longest-established English rocking horse maker, J. Collinson traces its roots back to Liverpool in 1836. The distinctive rocking horses were produced in large numbers over the years. Most of those which survive date from the postwar era. They are strong, robust horses which can be repaired, renovated and restored to give service to a new generation.

Our Collinson rocking horse restorers bring experience and expertise to the craft of renovating your old favourite and offer refurbishment of Collinson antique and vintage rocking horses throughout most of the UK. We also offer Collinson rocking horses for sale and also buy unrestored examples.

Collinson rocking horse

Rocking Horse Identification

Most Collinson rocking horses made since the second world war have very distinctive features, which make them easy to identify, such as:

There are also differences in the method of construction which can make Collinson rocking horse repairs tricky for less experienced restorers.

Rocking Horse Restoration

Our Collinson rocking horse restoration service is the most flexible available and is tailored to the preferences and budget of the customer. The work often comprises a complete strip down, repair and renovation. This will include comprehensive structural repair to any damaged area of the body. Then, multiple coats of gesso are applied in the traditional way, before the horse is re-painted and dappled. The work is completed with the fitting of a new leather tack and a new horsehair mane and tail.



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